Chess Club Update

Starting Saturday, Nov. 6, the Chess Club will be dedicating the first Saturday of the month to chess lessons, free of charge, for interested members of the greater Sun Lakes community.

Initially, the plan is to conduct a four-session course from 10:30 a.m. to noon that will provide participants basic hands-on knowledge of how to play the game.

Nov. 6: Session 1. The beginning of how to set up the board and move the pieces

Dec. 4: Session 2. General types of tactics (mainly for gaining material) and mating positions

Jan. 8: Session 3. Opening strategy (develop, castle, center control) (Note: First Saturday is New Year’s Day.)

Feb. 5: Session 4. End game, but mainly how to finish when you are ahead

Perhaps you’ve never thought about chess, or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn the game. Whatever your interest and/or skill level in this discipline, chess is a great way to fight against Alzheimer’s and dementia. Playing chess exercises and strengthens the brain. It’s also a great way to teach grandkids critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Class size is limited. For more information and to save a seat, contact Jim Brown at [email protected].