CLGA handicap winner

Mary is pictured with Sean Decker for trophy presentation.

Mary is pictured with Sean Decker for trophy presentation.

Judy Onken

The first big golf tournament of the season this year was our Handicap Tournament. For the first time in recent history, the winner came out of the first flight. This happens so infrequently that our winner went home before all scores were reported in and had to be called back to celebrate. Mary Henson blew away the field with a combined net score of 139. Good scoring, Mary! The rest of us fell victim to age-old maladies such as Angelina Jolie’s (lipouts); never up, never ins; Barbara Streisand shots to the green (looks good until you get close); as well as the occasional lack of ability to execute the proper shot. Flight winners of the Handicap Tournament were Paddy Newton, Joni Hiller, Debi Munt and Joan Seckles.

The November 12 competition was for Low Gross and Low Net by flight. First place low gross winners by respective flight were Mary Lu Esget, Rita Healy, Barbara Smith, Gloria Combs, and Diana Ridd. First place low net winners by respective flight were Mary Henson, Nancy Gahn, Ellie Franklin, Mary Ann Sorenson and Bobbi Forbes.

Our Christmas party was planned to bring in gift cards to benefit the homeless students of Hamilton High School. This is but one of the caring for others opportunities the CWLGA sponsors in addition to the caring for each other we do for members of the club as we face the challenges of health and well-being common to retirement life.