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Kathryn Campbell, Handicap Champion

Judy Onken

Neugier! This is the German word for “Attention,” the language we would all be speaking but for the brave and selfless American soldier who, with Allied support, won World War II. This is intended to call attention to a small change in the reporting format for our golf group, Cottonwood Ladies Golf Association. Thanks to the tremendous effort led by Sandy Eeds, we have a website that gives our group timely information about everything important to our club. Therefore, the Splash will be used to highlight club members who make important contributions to our growth and entertainment. This was a unilateral decision by the writer, and any opinion, pro or con, will be welcomed.

The first honoree of this format is Kathryn Campbell. Kathryn is our current Handicap Champion. She won this annual two-day event with an outstanding 6 under score. Congratulations!

Kathryn, one of our Canadian friends, shares time between Sun Lakes and Vancouver Island. She spent most of her career in Ontario where she taught 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, and subsequently retired as an elementary school principal. These grades are considered elementary school rather than junior high, and she reports they are particularly delightful, because in 6th grade, they are just good little kids, in 7th grade, hormones make them crazy, and in 8th grade, things get back to normal.

Kathryn reports that many of her compatriots seek Florida as a retirement destination, but she and her husband were turned off by bugs and high humidity. They found Sun Lakes somewhat accidentally, but have been very happy and enjoy the lifestyle here. They’ve owned their home here for 13 years, and she retired early when her husband was here having a fun time and she was still working. Good thinking!

Although she taught physical education, Kathryn didn’t start playing golf and tennis until retirement about nine years ago. She’s a great athlete and loves the positive support she gets from other CLGA ladies. She misses the patio get-togethers while practicing a “stay safe” approach to COVID-19.

By the way, and not an afterthought, I would personally like to thank John Logan who provides most of the pictures used for publication. He does an outstanding job!