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Mary Nelson

Results of the CLGA T’s and F’s event on December 14 are as follows:

Flight 1

First Place tie – Terry Gaube and Cindy Ryan.

Third Place tie – Paddy Newton and Maretta Emery.

Flight 2

First Place – Sandy Worden.

Second Place – Pat Tjosvold.

Third Place – Cindy Edwards.

Flight 3

First Place – Noelle Friesen.

Second Place tie – Gloria Combs, Joan Seckels and Virginia Diers.

Flight Four

First Place – Connie Gray.

Second Place tie – Jeannette Chenier and Pat McRoberts.

Results of the CLGA Best Ball of the Foursome event on December 21 are as follows:

Flight 1

First Place Team – Terry Gaube, Arlene Davis, Karen Forster and Joan Seckels.

2nd Place Team – Penny Nowicki, Rita Healy, Gloria Combs, and Ruby Meyer.

3rd Place Team – Kathryn Campbell, Diane Tenny, Dianne Papaioannou and Janet Quade.

Here are the results of the CLGA Stableford event held December 28:

Flight 1

First Place – Kathryn Campbell.

Second Place – Terry Gaube.

Third Place – Penny Nowicki.

Flight 2

First Place – Pat Tjosvold.

Second Place – Karen Forster.

Third Place – Ruby Meyer.

Congratulations to all the winners.