CLGA news and scores

Mary Nelson

Come join the CLGA for the 2018/1019 Golf Season! We are very excited that our members voted in April to use the forward (gold) tee boxes twice each month and the mixed (green) tee boxes twice each month. This allows all members to be able to play from the tees they prefer and allows for all levels of players to be more competitive. Join us and have some FUN!

The August 16 results of the Just for Fun event are 1st Pat Tjosvold, 2nd (tie) Virginia Diers and Gloria Combs.

The August 23 results of the Fewest Field Shots event are 1st Joni Hiller, 2nd Sandy Johnson, 3rd Nancy Gahn.

The August 30 results of the 6-6-6 event are 1st place team Mary Anne Lofquist, Julie Curran and a Blind Draw; 2nd place team Penny Nowicki, Sandy Johnson and Virginia Diers.

The September 6 results of the Cha-Cha-Cha event are 1st Place team Billie Seiberling, Julie Curran and Virginia Diers.

Congratulations to all the winners.