CLGA Playday Results

Karen Fisher

Judy Onken

Karen Fisher is the CLGA 2022 Champion! Karen is emblematic of our “new crop” membership who come with great skills while being ultimately gracious and fun. The club also benefits from their willingness to contribute to leading the planning and execution of special events and activities. Other flight winners in the Club Championship were, in order, Mikki Rydel, Sandy Worden, Tammy Bailey, and Gloria Combs. Congratulations to all!

February Scramble winners were Terry Gaube, Mary Ann Lofquist, Noelle Friesen, and Deb Feist. We eventually reached a comfortable temperature to play golf, but our patio party became a bit chilly, driving ladies to the sunshiny edges of the patio. Thank you to Marky Wilson and her gang for arranging the fried chicken and adult beverages. Great treat! Our president Patti Hegenbarth led a vigorous discussion about Match Play for future years. The entire membership will vote online to determine the future format. We feted our Club Champion and surprised long-term members.

Flight winners in the Field Shots competition were Kathryn Campbell, Rita Healy, and Annmarie Laurin. We may all benefit from a seminar on scoring field shots.