CLGA Service Awards

Service Award recipients (left to right): Mary Ann Lofquist, Ruby Meyer, Diane Tenney, Nancy Hermanson, Nadine Sanders, Judy Onken, and Gloria Combs

Judy Onken

February’s CLGA Luncheon included recognizing individuals with 20, 25, and 30 years since joining the club with Service Awards.

This group includes three past presidents, two club champs, and committee chairs too numerous to list. Interestingly, all are Midwesterners and represent how Sun Lakes came to be. They all bring a love of the game to the course.

It might be interesting to review what this group has contributed to the Sun Lakes economy over the years. Granted, the following are estimates, but still should be interesting. Remember that each of the items is seven people multiplied by a combined 185 years.

Club dues: $77,700

Course membership: $1,290,500

HOA fees: $129,500

Golf lessons: $25,900

Golf balls: $51,800

Golf clubs: $1,300,000

Clothes: $388,500

Total: $3,263,900

Judy Onken brought down the clothes expense estimate considerably.