CMGA February Event Winners

Buddy Meola

The monthly Ace of Aces Qualifier was played on Feb. 3. The low gross and low net scores from each flight will qualify for the 2024 Ace of Aces Championship.

Blue Flight: Low Gross Bob Tomsett, Low Net Tony Phillips

White Flight 1: Low Gross Mark Higgs, Low Net Buddy Meola

White Flight 2: Low Gross Paul Homan, Low Net Cliff Mattson

White Flight 3: Low Gross Terry Wilson, Low Net Ernest Soczka

Green Flight: Low Gross Steve Pearson, Low Net Dennis Madigan

The three-day CMGA Club Championship was played on Feb. 10, 11, and 17. The flights were determined by the age of the participants, with the CMGA Championship open to players of all ages. The Senior Championship was open to those 69 and under, Super Seniors was open to those between 70 and 75, Masters between 76 and 80, and Legends open to those over 81.

The CMGA Club Champion is Bruce Pape who had the lowest gross score of the participants in the Championship flight. Bob Tomsett had the low net score in the Championship flight.

Senior Flight: Low Gross Mike Jaltuch, Low Net Dennis Chenier

Super Seniors Flight: Low Gross Ed New, Low Net John Stromstad

Masters Flight: Low Gross Bill Moore, Low Net Jack Goyer

Legends Flight: Low Gross Dave Warford, Low Net Dennis Madigan

On Feb. 24 a Two-Man Team event with a One Best Ball Team score was played. There were 26 teams divided into two flights using the teams’ total handicap.

Flight 1: Winning Team: Bob Tomsett and Greg Feist, Second-Place Team: Jerry Davis and John Stromstad, Third-Place Team: Jay Mays and Cliff Mattson

Flight 2: Winning Team: Bill Moore and Michael Hajek, Second-Place Team: Greg Stevenson and Kurt Sanders, Third-Place Team: David Platt and Doug Friesen

Over the last several months, candidates were nominated and an election was held for the offices of president and vice president of CMGA. During the luncheon, which followed the Club Championship, it was announced that Bob Kaczmarek was elected to the office of president and Sam Selby will be the new vice president. They both assume their positions April 1, with a two-year term. Another issue on the ballot was a consideration by the members of CMGA to move their events to Wednesday from the present Saturday schedule. The votes by the members were to continue with the Saturday schedule for the present.

March events included the monthly Ace of Aces Qualifier, the two-day Member/Guest Tournament, and a two-day Home and Home event versus the Oakwood Men’s Group. For the first time, CMGA will have a match play challenge against the Cottonwood Ladies Golf Association.