CMGA news and scores

Results of recent events:

1/02. Ace of Aces – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Ed Frees, 2nd Rusty Williams, 3rd Grady Anderson, Jay Mays and Robert Fish; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Deno Edwards, 2nd James Werlinger, 3rd Walt Nowicki; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Jim Czaja, 2nd Ed Farrenkopf, 3rd Les Blaylock and Ron Sarnicki; Flight 4 Gross: 1st Jim Crandal, 2nd John Gettles, 3rd Gerald Michaelis

Flight 1 Net: 1st Robert Fish, 2nd Tom Wilhelm, 3rd Bill Moore; Flight 2 Net: 1st Deno Edwards and James Werlinger 3rd Walt Nowicki; Flight 3 Net: 1st Jim Czaja, 2nd Ed Farrendopf and Les Blaylock; Flight 4 Net: 1st John Gettles and Gerald Michaelis 3rd Jim Crandal

1/09. ABCD Scramble – 1st place team: Jay Mays, Rick Nelson, Dan Savard and Richard Glashan, 2nd place teams: Jack Goyer, Jim Fergal, Steve Martz and Howard Rathburn, Robert Fish, Jim Czaja, Stan Gross and Francis Sweet, Tom Wilhelm, Jack Hopkins, Bob Robinson and Brad Wilson, Jim Werlinger, Gerry Kuczek, Bill Irwin and Dave Marcus

1/15 and 1/16. Member/Member – Flight 1: 1st Jerry Davis and Tom Rainville, 2nd Jay Mays and Jim Werlinger, 3rd Ed Frees and Fred Smith; Flight 2: 1st Paul Homan and Hank Clausen, 2nd Dan Paxton and Walt Nowicki, 3rd Chuck Hamby and Rafael Take; Flight 3: 1st Larry Young and Larry Flynn, 2nd Gary Munt and Bob Houghton, 3rd Roy Parfitt and Les Blaylock; Flight 4: 1st Bob Johnson and Roger Wilson, 2nd Bob Lowell and Carl Hurst, 3rd Tom Rhea and Bob Schrote

1/23 Morning/Afternoon Quota Points – Flight 1: 1st Bruce Beelman, 2nd Paul Brauer, 3rd Larry Frink, Rick Skitt and Jim Curran; Flight 2: 1st Dan Paxton, 2nd Bob Schmoekel, 3rd Rafael Take and Jim Werlinger; Flight 3: 1st Ed Farrenkopf and Rick Nelson, 3rd Ron Gunnoe; Flight 4: 1st Bill Greer, 2nd Steve Martz, 3rd Ralph Casale; Flight 5: 1st Les Blaylock, 2nd Jeff Singer, 3rd Peter Gorman; Flight 5: 1st James Kay, Tony Arrigo and Howard Rathbun

1/30 Morning/Afternoon Ace of Ace – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Paul Brauer, 2nd Jay Mays and Mark Higgs

Net: 1st Jay Mays and Robert Fish, 3rd Paul Brauer and Jim Curran; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Walt Nowicki, 2nd Hank Clausen, 3rd Rafael Take

Net: 1st Walt Nowicki and Hank Clausen, 3rd Rafael Take; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Rick Nelson, 2nd Bill Greer, 3rd Jeff Sedlack

Net: 1st Rick Nelson and Bill Greer, 3rd Leonard Streit; Flight 4 Gross: 1st Tim Olmstead, 2nd Les Blaylock, 3rd Ray Welker

Net: 1st Les Blaylock, 2nd Tim Olmstead, 3rd Ray Welker; Flight 5 Gross: 1st John Gettles and Ray Rohr, 3rd William Jablonski

Net: 1st Ray Rohr, 2nd John Gettles, 3rd William Jablonski

Upcoming Events:

March 5: Morning/Afternoon Ace of Aces

March 12: Morning/Afternoon Four Man One Gross Two Net

March 18: Afternoon; March 19: Morning Member/Guest

March 19: Afternoon Low Gross/Low Net

March 25: Afternoon Ryder Cup Round One

March 26: Morning Ryder Cup Round Two

March 26: Afternoon Four Man Select a Drive One Gross Two Net