Why we play pool

Willie Foster with Babe Thompson. Photo by John McHugh.

Willie Foster with Babe Thompson. Photo by John McHugh.r

Babe Thompson is one of the best players in the country (a two time national champion and a four time Arizona champion in 8-Ball) and a member of our league. He said his pursuit of knowledge about the game has been a lifetime of unlocking the mysteries of billiards. (The physics of the game such as speed, angle, throw, English, etc.) This indeed is what drives us to try and understand the intricacies of such a wonderful game.

Winners Season One

Rack One 8-Ball: 1st Babe Thompson, 2nd Jim Boyes, 3rd Bill Lange

Rack Two 8-Ball: 1st Jerry Bojarun, 2nd Bob Wilkinson, 3rd Don Teusaw

Rack Three 8-Ball: 1st Sonny Williams, 2nd Randy Oliver, 3rd Red Boyles

Rack One 9-Ball: 1st Bill Lange, 2nd Jerry Vickery, 3rd Fritz Derheim

Rack Two 9-Ball: 1st David Mork, 2nd John McHugh, 3rd Willie Foster (Jerry Bojarun and Sonny Williams won all their 8-Ball matches in their rack).

We also have casual play (blind draw for partners) on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in 8- and 9-Ball so come out and join us as we keep trying to unlock the mysteries of this wonderful game! We guarantee you will have fun.

Contact Tournament Director Willie Foster for more information at [email protected] or call or text 480-221-3415.