CMGA November Results

Buddy Meola

The Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association (CMGA) was anxious to start playing the Cottonwood golf course after the annual overseed. The course is in beautiful shape, and even though it was cart-path only, everyone is enjoying it. The CMGA had one event in October and four events in November to end the 2020 season.

Oct. 31 was the last Ace of Aces qualifier for 2020. Those who qualify will play in the Ace of Aces tournament in early 2021.

First Flight: Low Gross Jim Fall, Low Net Tom Baker; Second Flight: Low Gross Jim Rumpler, Low Net David Reap; Third Flight: Low Gross Paul Homan, Low Net Dan Paxton; Fourth Flight: Low Gross Larry Mullins, Low Net Duane Peyton; Fifth Flight: Low Gross Steve Martz, Low Net Earnest Soczka

Nov. 7 was an ABCD team event. Two Net scores were used on those holes beginning with the letters O N E or S.

First Place Team: Pat Conry, Jeff Sedlack, Mike Kopacz, Jim Rahilly; Second Place Team: Steve Ambroso, Don Klein, Larry Mullins, Jim Crandal; Third Place Team: Tom Baker, Boyd Lisonbee, Andy Lichter, Jim Kay

Nov. 14 was a Pick Your Partner Two Net score team event.

First Flight: First Place Team William Moore and Don Klein, Second Place Team Robert Fish and Steven Bennett; Second Flight: First Place Team Steve Ambroso and Buddy Meola, Second Place Team Steve Steinhilber and Michael Kopacz; Third Flight: First Place Team Larry Frink and Robert Ballou, Second Place Team Bob Schaedel and Jim Hawkins; Fourth Flight: First Place Team Steve Martz and Ken Nelson, Second Place Team Jim Rahilly and a Blind Draw

Nov. 21 was an ABCD Cha Cha Cha event which used a One Net, Two Net and Three Net scores from each team.

First Place Team: Mark Lynne, Paco Venegas, Bill Parsons, Earl Whiteman

Second Place Team: Tom Baker, Buddy Meola, Gene Kivi, and a Blind Draw

Third Place Team:  Martin Oerter, Keith Peterson, Jerry Cisneros, Jim Kay

Fourth Place Team: Dennis Heberlein, Don Vock, Jim Hawkins, Russ Grgich

Nov. 28 was the first Ace of Aces Qualifier for the 2021 Golf Season. Those who qualify will be the Low Gross and Low Net scorers from each flight for play that will take place in early 2022.

First Flight: Low Gross Mark Higgs, Low Net Tom Baker; Second Flight: Low Gross Steven Steinhilber, Low Net Gary Hunnel; Third Flight: Low Gross Michael Moore, Low Net Jeff Sedlack; Fourth Flight: Low Gross Bob Schmoekel, Low Net Bob Kaczmarek; Fifth Flight: Low Gross Steve Martz, Low Net Russell Grgich