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2021 IMGA Executive Board: Ross Serold, Secretary; Bob Clark, President; Dan Jonker, Treasurer; Jerry Pederson, Vice President

2021 IMGA Executive Board: Ross Serold, Secretary; Bob Clark, President; Dan Jonker, Treasurer; Jerry Pederson, Vice President

Bruce McCorkle

New IMGA Officers for 2021

The votes are in, and our new Executive Board consists of: Robert Clark, President; Jerry Pederson, Vice President; Dan Yonker, Treasurer; Ross Serold, Secretary

We wish to thank these gentlemen for “stepping up to the plate” and donating their time and talents to IMGA!

Outgoing President Kudos

Joe D’Amore graciously and effectively served as IMGA president for the past two years. He helped guide us through the troublesome issues of COVID, ran very efficient board meetings, and was not only a great leader, but a fun person to be around. We celebrated his tenure as president at our last board meeting with donuts and coffee, accompanied with a heartfelt speech by Ross Serold, our secretary. We wish Joe all the best and thank him for his service and for currently serving on the IronOaks Board of Directors!

Dan Jonker, Treasurer

Dan reports that we are behind where we were last year at this time. He projects a year-end balance of $500 to $600 versus $1700 last year, due mostly to extra expenses for IMGA shirts and costs related to paying for tournament administration.

Bill Ranney, Greens and Grounds

Bill says that the needed trimming of some of the pine trees is on the “to do list.”

Dick Winkelman, Handicap Chairman

Dick notes that as of Dec. 2, 177 regular members have signed up for 2021, including 12 new members. Most members are utilizing online registration/renewal. If you have not yet used this online feature, give it a shot—it is very user-friendly!

Rich Rathburn, Prize Committee

Rich Rathburn is shorthanded and needs some help. If you are familiar with Excel and are willing to volunteer, please contact Rich.

Dan Smith, Tournament Director

Dan reports that all tournaments have been running well for the past months. The Ironwood Cup is scheduled for January, the Member-Guest Tournament has been postponed, the Member-Member is still on the schedule, there will be no Summer League, and the Ryder Cup in the fall is still on the schedule.

Wayne Karp, Website

Wayne continues to do an amazing job with the website and has certainly brought us into the 21st Century. Wayne has experienced some physical challenges. Please keep him in your prayers.

Ross Serold, Secretary

Ross says that all but 34 shirts have been distributed. If you were a member in good standing on June 2 and have yet to receive your IMGA shirt, please call, text, or email Ross, and he will call you back.

12/8 AM 4-Man 1Net/1Gross: 1st Place Team: Richard Popham, Dan Hewitt, Rex Bunkley, Jerry Hedberg

12/8 PM 4-Man 1Net/1Gross: 1st Place Teams (tied): Keith Landry, John Forsyth, Jim Ray, Stanley Darling and John Skoworn, Bob Lobban, Paul Beeks, Bill Lacey

12/1 AM Individual Low Net 1st Place Winners: Rich Pavlak, Richard Rathburn, Larry Gagnon, Rex Bunkley, Don Milberger

12/1 PM Individual Low Net 1st Place Winners: Peter Yoon, Ron Norwood, Ross Serold, Frank LaSalvia, Richard Katz