CMGA playday results

Results of recent events:

11/01. ABCD Welcome Back Scramble: 1st place team: Eugene Kivi, Jerry Cisneros, Jeff Singer and Bradford Wilson, 2nd place team: Bruce Mccorkle, Sam Didomenico, William Irwin and Robert Schrote; 3rd (four-way tie) Jay Mays, Bill Johnson, Bernie Wolfin and Howard McQuaid; Terry Wilson, Roger Beagle, Jack Voight and Jim Peck; Dan Paxton, Steve Martz, Jim Crandal and Gary Slater; Tony Hames, Russ Hanson, Ralph Casale and Gene Brown

11/08. Ace of Aces: Flight 1: 1st Bill Moore, 2nd Dan Paxton, 3rd Cliff Mattson and Terry Wilson; Flight 2: 1st Larry Mullins, 2nd Gary Whiting and Steve Martz; Flight 3: 1st Ron Gunnoe and George Papaioannou, 3rd Jack Wortley, Michael Tennant and Earl Whitedman; Flight 4: 1st Tom Rhea, 2nd Larry Guild, Jim Holmes, Andy Zommers and Ralph Annen

New Ace of Aces Qualifiers: Bill Moore, Dan Paxton, Larry Mullins, Gary Whiting, George Papaionnou, Larry Guild, Jim Holmes and Andy Zommers

11/15. Two Man Better Ball: Flight 1: 1st Larry Frink and Jerry Cisneros, 2nd Dennis Bockelman and Randy Williams, 3rd Dan Paxton and Larry Mullins; Flight 2: 1st Don Klein and Eugene Kivi, 2nd Michael White and Dick Zierman, 3rd Dale Tyler and David Nelson; Flight 3: 1st Sam Didometico and Tony Forbes, 2nd Gary Whiting and John Robbins, 3rd Bob Schmoekel and Earl Whiteman, Roger Beagle and Julian Pickens; Flight 4: 1st Russell Grgich and Tom Rhea, 2nd Jack Sturza and Jeff Singer, 3rd Bud Carter and Robert Schrote; Closest-to the-Pin and Longest Putt: Bill Moore, Julian Pickens, Joseph Klimoski, Jim Rahilly and Norman Ruffing; Low Net of the week: Tom Rhea 59

11/22. Turkey Shoot: Flight 1: 1st Deno Edwards, 2nd Terry Denefe, 3rd Stan Mohoric; Flight 2: 1st Bill Moore, 2nd Bob Schmoekel and Russ Hanson; Flight 3: 1st Jim Czaja, Ken Pearson and Tim Olmstead; Flight 4: 1st Russ Grgich, 2nd Ray Welker, 3rd Bob Zinnel; Winners of Turkey: Deno Edwards, Bill Moore, Jim Czaja, Ken Pearson, Tim Olmstead and Russ Grgich

11/29. Invitational Scramble: 1st place team Deno Edwards, Bill Patterson, Don Bartolo and Jack; 2nd place teams: Craig Short, Barry Adams, Kip Henderson and Dale Collins, Glenn Martinsen, Jay Mays and Earl Whiteman, Grady Anderson, David Nelson, Ralph Liguori and Phil Schmuck, David Heath, Ralph Casale and Jim Czaja