CMGA posts playday results

President’s Cup Champion Dick Haug

President’s Cup Champion Dick Haug

Club Champion Mark Higgs

Club Champion Mark Higgs

Results of recent events:

2/06. Morning – Two Man Best Ball: Flight 1: 1st Bob Schaedel and Jack Hill also Walt Nowicki and Terry Olson, 3rd Larry Mullins and Paul Homan; Flight 2: 1st Morrie Anderson and Tim Lamb, 2nd Hank Clausen and Dave Marcus, 3rd Ralph Annen and Tony Arrigo

2/06. Afternoon – President’s Cup Qualifier: Flight 1: 1st Richard Haug, 2nd Rusty Williams, 3rd Jack Goyer and Jim Curran; Flight 2: 1st Rick Nelson, 2nd Ray Osborne, 3rd Victor Lesch; Flight 3: 1st Leonard Streit, 2nd Dale Tyler, 3rd Ken Pearson and Bill Greer; Flight 4: 1st Gerald Brock, 2nd Tom Rhea, 3rd Les Blaylock

2/13. Morning – Stableford: Flight 1: 1st Phil Carlson, 2nd Walt Nowicki. 3rd Hank Clausen; Flight 2: 1st Evan Owen, 2nd Bob Zinnel, 3rd John Gettles

2/20. Afternoon Two Man Best Ball: Flight 1: 1st place team David Heath and Tim Olmstead; Flight 2: 1st place team Tom Rhea and Dick Zierman

2/27. Morning – Finals of Club Championship: 1st Mark Higgs, 2nd Jack Hill, 3rd Ed Frees and Rusty Williams; Seniors Championship: 1st Larry Frink, 2nd Richard Haug, 3rd Bill Moore; Masters Championship: 1st Larry Mullins, 2nd Dave Tjosvold, 3rd Dennis Bockelman, Gary Whiting and Gerry Rooney

2/27. President’s Cup Championship: President’s Cup Champion Dick Haug; Flight 1 Champion: Les Blaylock; Flight 2 champion: Cliff Mattson; Flight 3 champion: Bill Jablonski; Flight 4 champion: Jerry Davis; Flight 5 champion: Jerry Cisneros; Flight 6 champion: ; Flight 7 champion: Gerald Rooney

2/27. Afternoon Low Gross/Low Net – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Tom Dawson, 2nd Dave Butler, 3rd Don Mugrave; Net: 1st Leonard Streit, 2nd Burt Stratton and Steve Martz; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Tim Olmstead, 2nd Howard Rathburn and Julian Pickens; Net: 1st David Eriks, 2nd Tom Rhea, 3rd Ray Rohr

Upcoming events:

April 2 Morning Ace of Aces Qualifier

April 7 Morning Home and Home with Oakwood at Oakwood

April 9 Morning Home and Home with Oakwood at Cottonwood

April 9 Afternoon Two Man Best Ball Flighted

April 16 Morning/Afternoon Two Man Select a Drive

April 23 Morning Ryder Cup with Palo Verde at Cottonwood

April 25 Morning Ryder Cup with Palo Verde at Palo Verde