OLGA weekly tournament

Ruth Rees, Publicity

OLGA members continue to play weekly golf during this beautiful winter season, while friends and relatives living elsewhere hear about our weekly golf events with envy. Then, the phone rings, and here they come to join us!

2/07. The game was Three Blind Holes – Flight 1: 1st Dari Akin, 2nd Sharon Bowditch, 3rd Glo Malmberg; Flight 2: 1st Kay Lemkuhl, 2nd (tie) Joanne Knutson and Carol Russell; Flight 3: 1st Holley Ritter, 2nd (tie) Sandra Knight and Judy Allredge; Flight 4: 1st Joann Rebillard, 2nd Paula Diehlman, 3rd Gretchen Heller; Flight 5: 1st (tie) Karen Fager and Barbara McMullen, 3rd Rose Ann Rinderknecht

2/16. The game was Low Net – Flight 1: 1st Sharon Bowditch, 2nd Lorraine Blair, 3rd Roselyn Hoiby; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Barbara Anderson amd Debbie Horner, 3rd Joanne Knutson; Flight 3: 1st Connie Harper, 2nd Diane Ehrhardt, 3rd (tie) Kathy Burns amd Betty Lauer

2/23. The game was a Scramble on OLGA’s Charity Luncheon day, chaired by Jan Skibo – 1st Glo Malmberg, Barbara Dinardo, Diane Ehrhardt and Betty Schechter, 2nd (tie) Marry Figgis, Julie Hastings, Kathy Schnell, Nancy Annen and Judy Darnell, Barbara Anderson, Pat Schepp, Jan Skibo

3/01. The team game was One on One – 1st (tie) Mary Figgis, Loan Lauer, Joanne Rebillard, Nancy Annen, Roselyn Hoiby, Cady Watkinson, Lois Coomans and Betty Wolfmeyer, 2nd (tie) Linda Wolfe, Carol A. Smith, Gretchen Heller, Rose Ann Rinderknecht, Pat Mattz, Jane Crowell, Carol Jones and Nancy Lienenbrugger

3/08. The game was If Only, which might have referred to putts missed? – Flight 1: Cindy Reinertsen, 2nd Dari Akin, 3rd Karen Jensen; Flight 2: 1st Karis Scott, 2nd (tie) Karen Welker, Dang Teater and Sandra Knight; Flight 3: 1st Carol Jones, Connie Harper, 3rd (tie) Julie Clausen and Mary An Kletzien