CMGA results July 2016

Results of recent events:

5/07. Ace of Aces qualifying – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Jim Curran, 2nd Grady Anderson and Bill Moore; Flight 1 Net: 1st Jim Curran, 2nd Phil Carlson, 3rd Bill Moore Flight 2 Gross: 1st Ron Sarnicki, 2nd Larry Nelson, 3rd Jerry Johnston; Flight 2 Net: 1st Ron Sarnicki, 2nd Don Bartolo and Les Blaylock; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Julian Pickens and Tom Reese, 3rd Earl Whiteman and Gerald Michaelis; Flight 3 Net: 1st Gerald Michaelis, 2nd Howard Rathbun

5/14. Quota Points – Flight 1: 1st Dick Haug, 2nd Tom Rainville, 3rd Jim Curran; Flight 2: 1st Gary Whiting, 2nd Ron Sarnicki, 3rd Ed Farrenkopf’ Flight 3: 1st Don Bartolo, 2nd Steve Martz, 3rd Ron Gunnoe; Flight 4: 1st Danny Jetton, 2nd Stan Gross and Gene Brown

5/21. ABCD Scramble – 1st place team (tie)Dennis Bockelman, Jerry Johnson, Gene Brown and David Marcus; 1st place team (tie): Jeff Sedlack, Ron Sarnicki, Ralph Annen and Robert Schrote, 3rd place team: Kim Barnes, Ray Osborne, Bill Johnson and Tom Rhea

5/28. Four Man One Gross Two Net – 1st place team Tom Wilhelm, Gary Whiting, Jim Crandal and Danny Jetton, 2nd place team Dick Haug, Rick Nelson, Ralph Casale and Richard Rathbun, 3rd place teams Fred Smith, Jerry Johnston, Bill Johnson and David Marcus; Dennis Bockelman, Bill Mazejko, Tom Reese and Bill Jablonski; Peter Gorman, Earl Whiteman, Phil Lucas and Brad Wilson

Upcoming events in August:

August 1: Ace of Aces qualifying

August 8: Cross Country Tournament

August 15: Four Ball Medal Play

August 22: Two Man Teams Low Gross/Low Net

August 29: Two Man Chapman