Speaking of art…

Susan Plouzek

Wow! It’s the heat of summer! Yet at Desert Artists’ Club it’s nice and cool. It’s interesting and satisfying to see the current work that each artist is creating. Some are painting beautiful watercolors, gouache, inks, acrylics and oils. Some artists are drawing wonderful portraits of people or pets, using pastels, colored pencils or charcoal. Some artists are “stuck” and attend for inspiration. It seems there’s a niche for everyone.

They show interest in each other as the artists take a break from their own work to stroll around the room, observing and inquiring at other creations in progress. The artists are sensitive as they critique and encourage each other. They give hints or tips and share information. It is no wonder that their membership has increased during the summer!

These artists have fun! They had an indoor picnic in June. They have a field trip planned for this month. The Desert Artists’ Club meet each Wednesday from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at the Arts and Crafts Room at Sun Lakes Country Club. Some bring or purchase lunch and continue painting throughout the day. Others come and go as they are able. The room has plenty of natural light and space. The membership dues are only $10 per year. If you’re an artist or aspiring to be one, bring your gear; there is a cool space for you out of the heat! Interested persons can contact Susan Plouzek at 480-840-4920.