Coach Kwong’s Tennis Tip

Are you a “baseliner” when playing doubles who doesn’t transition toward the net/inside service box when opportunities present themselves?

If you are that type of player who stays on the backcourt, are you doing your “DSW” shots? DSW are Deep, Short, or Wide shots. When executing these shots, your opponent will need to adjust and move and be caught off guard. Remember, it’s best to move your opponent around the court area—the backcourt, service box, and alley—because each of these areas could expose a weakness in their play.

For example, baseliners are players comfortable in performing groundstrokes and lobs. They seldom come up to the net to attack. Their volley skills tend to be weak due to not getting enough practice and confidence playing the net. On the other hand, players who play and control the net aggressively do more damage when they are not putting balls away when the opportunities are given, and certainly no joyful moment when they see that almighty lob over their head.

To be a well-rounded player, work on your transition game by moving forward as well as staying back to play defensively. Everyone starts playing as a baseliner. They improved and became comfortable in this position by competing against better and more skillful opponents who notice where the opponent was staying on the court. They used the DSW shots and had the upper hand and control. This is when players need to self-talk and decide to become an All Court Player (no weaknesses no matter where you are on the court)!