Coach Kwong’s Tip of the Month

Coach Kwong

Throughout our education from grade school through college, we learned through books and the help and guidance from our teachers. You probably still remember an impactful lesson shared by a mentor. They all wanted the best for their students, and it was up to us to take responsibility—do our assignments, study, learn, and remember the facts.

This is no difference when a player, who wants to seriously improve, will seek instruction with private/group lessons. The tennis instructor will preach and conduct drills to help them focus and stay sharp as a player. My first coaching experience was in college. He was a student player who was number 5 on the team. After approximately three years, I was good enough to beat my coach. While Coach Steve was an excellent coach who groomed me well, I was a serious student who absorbed everything he taught me. After working with my coach, I would then spend six to seven days a week playing and practicing to help me rise to the top of my game quickly.

My theory is simply this … if you can beat the coach, don’t listen to them. However, if you cannot beat them, then you better pay attention!