Cottonwood Tennis Club Reviews Unusual Season

One of the Wednesday League teams for the fall season for Blue and Silver players

Penny Petersen

The 2020-21 tennis season? Unusual! The best one can say is that playing for one and a half hours a few times a week probably saved us from going stark raving mad. We missed the tournaments and the socials. It seemed as if the world stopped, and a few hours of tennis was our only diversion. But it was better than having no tennis at all.

The daily sign-ups for men on Tuesday and Thursday never stopped. Same for the Monday and Wednesday sign-ups for women and the mixed doubles on Friday. Some of the leagues continued, but with fewer people. Everybody wore a mask while arriving and leaving the courts. Some actually played with masks on and, of course, we social distanced. No shaking hands at the end of a match. We clicked rackets instead. The whole tennis season was pretty much scratched.

Our hats go off to the league directors who were, in some cases, forced to abandon regular formatting in favor of Round Robins due to the absence of many Canadian and East Coast members. League directors were: Monday upper division women’s Director Kathy Sundsrud, Wednesday’s lower division Women’s Director Marie Hargus, and Thursday’s Men’s upper division Director Dave Cain. Thanks are also due to Susie Dunn, Women’s Monday Extended League Director; Spencer Roberts, Men’s Summer League Director; Sonda Giles, Organized Play Coordinator, women; Jerry Higgins, Men’s organized play Coordinator; and Dick Kane, Mixed Organized Play Coordinator; and Barb Jorgensen, Membership Chair. Without the many hours donated by these people, Cottonwood Tennis Club would be in dire need.

Near as we can determine, by October of 2021, things will be back to their busy, frantic, something-going-on-all-the-time normal. That will be wonderful!

For information about joining Cottonwood Tennis Club, contact Barb Jorgensen at [email protected].