Community Service Update

Michael Berry

The Sun Lakes Rangers and the Sun Lakes MCSO Posse will go their separate ways after failing to agree on the distribution of duties and sharing of equipment and resources, as previously reported.

The Arizona Rangers-Sun Lakes Company was established earlier this year following the MCSO Posse personnel reduction. The Arizona Rangers are aggressively recruiting members to continue support in the Sun Lakes communities.

The Arizona Rangers are made up of 400+ trained volunteers throughout the state. Many Rangers are retired police officers, ex-federal law enforcement agents, ex-military, medical, and fire department personnel.

As volunteers, the Rangers serve as a law enforcement auxiliary throughout Arizona and provide thousands of hours of community service to help ensure the safety of residents and prevention of crime in our neighborhoods.

Here in Sun Lakes, the Sun Lakes company has instituted security assistance to church services, community events, along with HOA-sanctioned patrols in marked vehicles as a visible crime deterrent.

Thank you for your support.