Computer Booters stands proud!

Speaker Keith Wheeler and Vice Present Darrel Kreglo

Speaker Keith Wheeler and Vice Present Darrel Kreglo

Kc Coller, Publicity Director

What a great member turnout we had at the April 5 meeting. Thanks to Brad Benson for taking the time to check us out.

It’s difficult to believe that this part of the year is beginning to slow down. Seems this is when everyone reboots.

However, the club members are still being rocked because of great guest speakers. Keith Wheeler is one of those presenters. He was April’s guest speaker who had everyone’s attention with his shared knowledge about computers. Windows 10 was his subject matter while answering questions regarding it. Keith is another return favorite who brings understanding and awareness with a large part of fun about computing to those in attendance. Keith revealed things we didn’t know about the Windows 10 program that were enlightening. His education factor allows others to make sound decisions on whether to change or not and if interested, buying a new computer with the program already installed might be the better choice.

Should you look back at this year’s last six months list of guest speakers and their topics, you’ll see it’s obvious the members are presented with computer knowledge. Thank you Keith Wheeler and the other guest speakers for your time, energy and sharing about that part of the world that is constantly changing and many times concerning things we aren’t aware of.

Others like Alan Levy (a club member) also helps keep our club in the current path of today’s information giving his “Snapshot on Technology.” He’s one of those members that doesn’t mind researching and tossing computer updates to others. This is one type of volunteer that makes our club such a success.

Another huge part of the club are the special classes that members volunteer to present while giving up their personal time so others may learn. Classes like Excel (Mike Goodyear), Genealogy (John Blakely), PowerPoint (Janet Quade), Android phones (Patricia Hill) or Robo Form (Allan Levy). These are just a few of the classes and a short list of those who have stepped up to the plate.

It’s always nice to report about a great month for the club and April was one of those.

May 3 is our last meeting until September 6 and promises to be a sparkler. We’re honored to have Ron Schott, a technology entrepreneur with an engineering background and a proclivity for education as our guest speaker. He’ll be presenting a power point about the Arizona Technology Council which is Arizona’s premier trade association for science and technology companies.

No classes in May. To keep abreast of what’s happening in the club just go to the clubs website at