Core Consulting and Spooner PT are Winter Session Champs

Core Consulting Team (left to right): Kneeling: Jeff Jay, Tim Loeffler with mascot Riley, Terry Zeltinger, and John Seigla; back row: Dan Ziccarelli, Frank Tanner, Dave Kratz, Gordon Beraud, and Bob Zeidler; not pictured: Dennis Colbert, Gene Granquist, Mgr. Chris Jensen, and Ralph Wolf (photo by Larry Wolfe)

Spooner PT Team: Left of banner: Randy Neumann, Chuck Schaan, Billy Kee, and Marty Hobby right of banner: Eli Romanchych, Joe Dilabio, and Mgr. Jon Hendrikse; kneeling: Kurt Carmichael and Dick Bleich; not pictured: Dave Cooper and Brian Denham (photo by Larry Wolfe)

Larry Wolfe

The Lakes Division Winter Session went down to the wire, with Manager Chris Jensen’s Core Consulting team winning the title with a 12-6 record. Manager Gary Hillabolt’s A-1 Golf Carts squad finished a close second at 11-7. Manager Jon Hendrikse’s Spooner Physical Therapy team ran away with the Sun Division pennant, finishing with a sterling 14-4 record, easily outdistancing Manager Mike Gloyd’s Camp Hilby club and Manager Sam Giordano’s Redeemed Team, which both finished the season at 7-9.

The top 10 hitters in the Lakes Division were Doug Warwick (.844), Tim Loeffler (.757), Dennis LePore and Frank Tanner (both at .741), Doug Freisen (.731), Dennis Bernaiche (.721), Frank Rouse (.712), John Robinson (.709), Terry Zeltinger (.704), and Dan Malachuk (.698). Dennis Henderson led the Sun Division with a .792 average, with Jon Hendrikse (.784), Bobby Farmer (.776), Tom Stephens (.771), Dan Melosi (.769), Mike Lebet (.752), Bob Wicks (.752), Brian Denham (.736), Paul Gayer (.714), and Dave Platt (.713) rounding out the top 10. Bill Jacobson and Tim Loeffler led the Lakes Division with four HRs each, while four players in the Sun Division slugged 20 or more long balls. Mark McKinnon led the way with 26. Dennis Henderson (23), George Siegele (22), and Bob Wicks (20) were other members of the 20+ HR club.

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