Cottonwood Billiards Room Has a New Look

David Guthrie, Active Lifestyle director, and Michael Dalsanders, president, Lucky Shot Pool Club

The Lucky Shot Pool Club Billiards Room in Cottonwood has just undergone a new look. Thanks to the assistance of the Cottonwood maintenance group, under the guidance of Jim Miller and Joe Terranova, the outdated English hunting lodge motif was replaced with new Billiards Room memorabilia. New wall-hung cue racks were also installed, as well as a donation box. The purpose of the donation box is to encourage donations, which will be used to pay for ongoing incidental pool room expenses.

Most importantly, the stools in the Billiards Room were replaced with more suitable Billiards Room chairs. The stools were a source of concern, and after conversations with the Cottonwood HOA, the new chairs were installed in the Lucky Shot Pool Club Billiards Room. We are especially grateful to David Guthrie, the Cottonwood Active Lifestyle director, for his assistance in acquiring the new chairs.

The Lucky Shot Pool Club would like to welcome anyone with an interest in pocket billiards to stop by and play a few games. We are always looking for new members to participate in three of our annual tournaments held from October through April each year. New members are placed in tournaments with members of similar pocket billiards skill levels.