Cottonwood Ladies Golf Association

The past few weeks have been full of activity for the Cottonwood Ladies Golf Association (CLGA). A social event was held in Sisk Park. The sun was shining as more than 20 members gathered to share food, drink, and conversation. It is always a good time when we can be together and get to know one another better!

The CLGA Club Championship was played on March 7 and March 14. We do not currently have the final result, as the second round is being played after the deadline for this issue of the Splash. The birds were singing with gusto on March 7 during the first Championship round. There were 10 birdies scored between eight members! What a day! We look forward to seeing what the second round brings.

In other news, CLGA has created a new logo for our group. It commemorates the founding of CLGA in 1980. We look forward to having this logo on several items that should be available through the Cottonwood Pro Shop. There have been many changes in the past 44 years. We are proud to be a part of that history.