Cottonwood Ladies Golf Association March Winners

Alice Barber and Diane French

Judy Onken

March was the month of winners! Chief among them was the partnership of Alice Barber and Diane French, who took the overall top prize in our two-week Partner’s Competition. Other flight winners included: Joyce Parker and Joanne Rumpler in first flight, Joanne Malakanich in flight two, and Gloria Combs and Virginia Diers in third flight.

The Just for Fun tournament was definitely just that. Billie Seiberling, Joanne Rumpler, and Rose Hames took first place honors in their respective flights.

The club likes to have one four-person game each month, and this month’s was a Step Aside Scramble. Nadine Sanders, Billie Seiberling, Arlene Davis, and Liz Kirkpatrick prevailed in the first flight. The threesome of Paddy Newton, Sharon Ironside, and Diane Tenney shared the duty of hitting for their fourth person and performed magnificently to claim top honors in the second flight. Cathy Bass, Noelle Friesen, Joanne Malackanich, and Janis Drummond battled to win flight three. As the old farmer says, “Cream always rises to the top.”

We closed the month with a Criers’ Tournament able to throw out three bad holes. For many of the golfers, three bad holes weren’t enough. Those with the big smiles won their flights: Rachel Rainville in one, Terry Gaube in two, Nancy Gahn in three, and Liz Kirkpatrick in four.

I need to apologize to Nancy Gahn. In my feeble effort to be clever with reporting Service Awards in April, I failed to proofread the picture caption and left her name off. This was totally unintended, for Nancy is a great contributor to the club’s membership.