Cottonwood Ladies Golf Association

Judy Onken

This is a public service announcement—The CLGA must replace the current and totally inept sharer of club news. People’s names are left off pictures, news stories don’t match accompanying photos, and all reports are a month old. Well, I guess the “month old” business can’t be helped.

While the powers that be ponder my replacement, it is nice to be able to recognize the winners of our annual Member/Guest Tournament. Flight 1 winners were Pat McRoberts, Leslie Justice, Rachel Rainville, and Kim Urech. Not only did they play great golf, but they also became expert in throwing dice. An unnamed source has shared that at least two of these ladies are banned from the tables in Las Vegas. This was a flighted tournament, and winners of Flight 2 were Anita Creager, Lisa Mohoric, Tracy Rice, and Vicki Hansen. Flight 3 top scorers were Joni Hiller, Mary Medved, Rita Healy, and Sheri Butler. Jennifer Pender, Erica Tiepel, Taka Menninger, and Jacque Smith won Flight 4.

The festivities for the “International” themed event kicked off with a cocktail party and putting contest on Wednesday. Kathy Sulser and her trusty sidekick, Mary Kay Hobby, led a team of helpers in arranging for numerous baskets, each loaded with merchandise, gift cards, rounds of golf from clubs statewide, and wine to be raffled. It’s hard work to make these events come off without a hitch, and this team performed masterfully. Extra kudos to Kathy for stepping up to this task in her first year since joining the club.

April also saw us compete in the PICO, one of my favorite events. Teams are composed of one person from each club (Palo Verde, Ironwood, Cottonwood, and Oakwood). Ironwood and Cottonwood hosted this year’s event, which included breakfast treats on the first day and a closing luncheon where winners were recognized. The team of Joan Hammond, Anita Creager, Pat Tjosvold, and Sandra LaBute prevailed.

Winners of our “Hate Holes” competition were Karen Lindgren in Flight 1, Rita Healy in Flight 2, and Helen Jeub in Flight 3.