Cottonwood Lady Niners April results

Leslie Swan

As I write this from our summer home in Canada with the sound of rain on the sky light, I find it hard to believe that just weeks ago we were baking in the Arizona heat. But here are the results as sent to me by Judy Whitney, our hard working member who tabulates the scores each week.

04/03. Select-A-Drive – Flight 1: 1st Nancy Gehlbach, 2nd Millie Hague, 3rd Marilyn Jasper; Flight 2: 1st Patti Landry, 2nd Lynne Zimmer, 3rd Judy Hultgren; Flight 3: 1st Jan Wren, 2nd Kay Kautzman, 3rd Betty Lansing

April 10 was our farewell luncheon and election of new officers. Pat Kivi did her usual wonderful job of arranging the luncheon. The only change on executive board is a new recording secretary; Cathy Kinnick is taking over from Florence Wright. During the luncheon the winners of the state medallion was announced. First is Lynn Tanner with Eden Carter being the runner up; second is Jan Lien and the runner up is Mary Loran. Receiving their pins for birdies this season were Eden Carter 3, BetteLu Buchanan 2 and Karen Kishpaugh 2. The chip in pot was won for the second week in a row by Suzanne Ferrell. The final presentation of the day was for the most improved players: 3rd Betty Beard, 2nd Judy Rethke and 1st was Karen Kishpaugh.

The game of the day was Pro’s Choice (the Pro selects the holes that will count) – Flight 1: 1st Betty Lu Buchanan, 2nd Dee Monsonis, 3rd (tie) Eden Carter and Anita Hopkins; Flight 2: 1st/2nd (tie) Ginger Mays and Pattie Sieberling, 3rd Pat Best; Flight 3: 1st/2nd (tie) Willa Barger and Mickey Luttman, 3rd (tie) Judy Hultgren, Pat Kivi and Patti Landry

04/16. Low Net – Flight 1: 1st Bette Lu Buchanan, 2nd Karen Kishpaugh, 3rd Patti Seiberling; Flight 2: 1st Judy Nicely, 2nd Judy Hultgren, 3rd (tie) Rachelle Wilson and Lynn Zimmer; Flight 3: 1st Judy Wolfstich, 2nd Sharon Spahr, 3rd Betty Beard

04/24, Blind Holes (after the game the Pro chose the five holes to be counted) – Flight 1: 1st Pat Best, 2nd/3rd (tie) Eden Carter and Florence Wright; Flight 2: 1st/2nd (tie) Judy Howell and Judy Wolfstich, 3rd Kathy Bushbaum. Due to fewer players there was no flight 3.