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Kathy Burns and Anne Hughes - Champions of the 2014 Ladies Choice, 4-Ball Match Play Championship

Kathy Burns and Anne Hughes – Champions of the 2014 Ladies Choice, 4-Ball Match Play Championship

Glo Malmberg, Publicity

Kathy Burns and Anne Hughes won all three of their round robin matches and then won three playoff matches to claim the 2014 Ladies Choice, 4-Ball Match Play Championship. Wow, now that is truly playing great golf! Congratulations Anne and Kathy. The second overall winners were Stephanie Raach and Ruth Rees. Joyce Schwartz, coordinator of this, the only match play event we are fortunate to play, stated she has received positive feedback about the tournament. Providing there is enough interest, she will organize the event again next year. Thank you Joyce.

April event winners:

04/01. Sucker in a Bucket Team Event – 1st (tie) Eleanor Hinerichsen, Barbara DeNapoli, Jimmie Maramonte and Betty Wolfmeyer tied with Helen Chrest, Pat Schepp and Nancy Annen; 3rd (four-way tie) Lois Coomans, Beth Ebmeier, Debbie Boynton-Gregoline and Vesta Hayden; Debra Foster, Linda Smith, Robin Thomas and Marcella Brown; Roselyn Hoiby, Barbara Collier, Leann Knox and Julie Clausen; Shirley Weaver, BJ Schuller, Connie Hughes and JC Garceau

04/08. Blind Partners – 1st BJ Schuller/Dang Teater; 2nd Jean Hedberg/Joanne Knutson; 3rd Lois Coomans/Ruth Rees

04/15. Member-Member – Flight 1: 1st Sharon Bowditch/Glo Malmberg tied with Bev Lutes/Karis Scott; Flight 2: 1st Pat Schepp/Dang Teater, 2nd Barb Dinardo/Jean Hedberg; Flight 3: 1st Becky Kolb/Linda Meisinger, 2nd Rita Mabry/Liz Pritchard tied with Phyllis D’Amore/Shirley Weaver

04/22. Sweet and Sour – Flight 1: 1st (tie) Carol Russell and Shirley Weaver, 3rd (tie) Dari Akin, Anne Annis, Mercedes DellaCroce, Bev Lutes and Glo Malmberg; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Kathy Burns and Karen Welker, 3rd (tie) Joan Lauer and Carol Smith; Flight 3: 1st Jan Hanson, 2nd Fay McIntyre, 3rd (tie) Judith Kuse, Sharon Snyder and Marty Wheeldon

04/29. Blind Holes – Flight 1: 1st Cheri Curtin, 2nd (tie) Dang Teater and Judy Kirschenbaum; Flight 2 1st Barbara Dinardo, 2nd Kay Lehmkuhl; Flight 3: 1st Karen Welker, 2nd Sandra Knight, 3rd (tie) Kathy Burns and Doris Swanson

April 8 and 29 were also the third and final qualifying rounds for the annual State Medallion AWGA-sanctioned tournament. Only two of the four rounds were necessary for qualification. The winners, Sharon Bowditch, gross, and Joanne Knutson, low net, will represent OLGA-18 in the 2015 State Medallion Club Team Tournament. Congratulations ladies.

Do You Remember – June, 1995: “Don’t forget, there is summer play. Just sign up on the sheet in the trailer – make your own foursome or fill your name in an open time, and throw $2 in the kitty.”