Cottonwood Lady Niners news

Lorri Morgan

Cottonwood Lady Niners got a surprise visit from Santa Claus at the 10th hole (CW bar) on December 21 after a very cold afternoon of golf. Our own member Betty Lansing was there proving golf is for a lifetime, playing into her ninth decade! More proof of golf’s popularity, our membership has grown to 94 as of last count. The weather was perfect for all the other Thursday games, and the fairways were full with ladies having fun. Some of them golfed really well, too!

The winners December 7 in the 1st Flight were Lois Lewis, Eden Carter and Sherry Manier; 2nd Flight: Ruth Einck, Cathy Brabant, Leeanna Mickelson and Donna Wolmutt; 3rd Flight: Anita Hopkins, Judy Whitney, Kay Newton, Julie Schneider and Leslie Swan; 4th Flight: Donna Royle, Betty Lansing and Moe Bleth.

December 14 was a scramble, and the winning teams were Kristi Decleene, Marilyn Jasper, Donna Royle and Leslie Swan. Three teams tied for second – Sheila Axtman, Barb Schmoekel, Julie Schneider, Margie Brandon, Dixie McQuaid, Judy Whitney, Rachelle Wilson, Pauline Corcoran, Stephanie Frakes, Jerry Jordan and Ginger Mays. Third place team was Nancy Gehlbach, Iris Hardy and Anita Hopkins.

December 21 was a Pro’s Choice game, and winning Flight 1 was Diane French, Pauline Corcoran and Lynn Tanner; Flight 2: Ginger Mays, Margie Brandon, Iris Hardy, Marge Brower and Lorri Morgan; Flight Three: Lois Lewis, Sharon Howard and Sandy Jackson.

The last game of the month was a Crier’s Tournament where we got to throw out our worst three holes. The score keeping for that one took almost as long as playing it! The winners were Sheila Axtman, Eden Carter and Lynn Tanner tieing for first and Nancy Gehlbach, Lois Lewis and Rachelle Wilson tieing for second; 2nd Flight: Betty Lu Buchanan, Leeanna Mickelson, Betty Einnes, Diane French, Janet Proctor and Ann Thomas; 3rd Flight: Jery Jordan, Anita Hopkins, Sharon Howard and Donna Walgren; 4th Flight: Mary Ann Loran, Carol Healy, Patty Landry, Donna Royal and Diane Rutowski. $418.00 in Pro Shop chits were awarded between all the winners this month.

Golf Quote of the day: “I’d give up golf if I didn’t have so many sweaters.” Bob Hope