Cottonwood Lady Niners updates

Lorri Morgan, Publicity

April already?! Well, not as I write this article, due to cutoff dates for publishing in the Splash. Spring showers resulted in three of our Thursday play dates to be canceled, but our event of the year (hopefully) had beautiful weather. The Niners’ Member/Guest held on March 14 took months of preparation and was almost sold out on opening day! A and B teams on all 18 holes. The theme this year was Clowning Around on the Course, and the charity chosen was the wonderful Neighbors Who Care. Two programs within NWC were specifically designated for our tournament contribution: Caregiver’s Support Respite Care and Hospital Discharge Program. Dixie McQuaid created the Clowncycle to collect all the $$$$ donations. Check back next month for photos (you may have noticed some VERY colorful golf ensembles on March 14), money raised and winners.

The Low Net game on February 28 winners were Front Nine, Flight 1: Leanna Mickelson, Marlene Knightley, Sue Ori, Lynn Tanner and Rochelle Wilson; Flight 2: Karen La Pointe, Kathy Smith, Kathy Gardner and Brenda Ledene; Flight 3: Kay Newton, Cheryl Kopacz, Ann Thomas and Ginger Mays; Back Nine, Flight 1: Marilyn Jasper, Diane Hill, Kathy Chebuhar, Anne Carlson, Nancy Gehlbach and Eden Carter: Flight 2: Diane French, Margie Brandon, Pauline Corcoran and Joanne Dunn; Flight 3: Jackie Kellerman, Sandy Jackson, Lisa Mahoric, Kay Kautzman and Judy Hultgren. Pro Shop chits in the amount of $153.00 were paid out to all the lovely ladies.