Cottonwood Men’s Golf Asso.

August 1: Ace of Aces qualifying:

Flight 1 Gross 1st Grady Anderson; Flight 2 Gross 1st Tim Lamb, 2nd Dennis Bockelman; Flight 3 Gross 1st Jack Voight, 2nd Eric Selley; Flight 4 Gross 1st Bill Irwin, 2nd Arny Pinsley, 3rd Earl Whiteman

Flight 1 Net 1st Larry Frink; Flight 2 Net Gary Hunnel, 2nd Chick Garifo; Flight 3 Net (tie) 1st Roger Beagle and Gerald Brock; 2nd (tie) Jack Wortley, Jim Crandel and Ron Sarnicki; Flight 4 Net 1st Bill Jablonski, 2nd Len Rosati, 3rd Ralph Annen

Qualifiers for Ace of Aces in August:

Bill Jablonski, Tim Lamb, Grady Anderson, Gary Hunnel, Dave Butler, Roger Beagle, Erick Selley and Arny Pinsly

August 8: Cross Country Tournament

1st Place team: Jack Hill, Eric Sulley, Les Blaylock and Jim Rahilly

2nd Place team: Dave Butler, Tim Lamb, Jack Voight and Bill Jablonski

3rd Place team: Grady Anderson, Bill Greer, Ron Gunnoe and Francis Sweet

August 15: Two-man teams qualifying for the AGA Club Championship semifinals

Over 70: 1st Mike White and Jack Pen; 2nd (tie) Jim Rahilly and Bob Schrote; 2nd (tie) Bob Schaedel and Gene Kivi

Under 70: 1st Earl Whiteman and Phil Lucus; 2nd (tie) Bill Moore and John White; 2nd (tie) Tim Lamb and Ron Sarnicki

Moving on to represent Cottonwood Men’s Club in the semifinals are Mike White and Jack Pen, over 70 bracket and Earl Whiteman and Phil Lucus under 70 bracket.

August 22: Two-man teams low gross low net

1st Place team: Walt Nowicki and Terry Cronin; 2nd Place teams: Larry Frink and Tom Rhea, Gary Hunnel and Earl Whiteman

August 29: Two-man Chapman

Flight 1: 1st place Bob Schaedel and Gene Kivi; 2nd place Ron Sarnicki and Tim Lamb; 3rd place Ron Gunnow and Gary Hunnel

Flight 2: 1st place team Les Blaylock and David Heath; 2nd place William Irwin and Tom Rhea; 3rd place Ralph Annen and William Jablonski

Ucoming Events in October

October 3: Cottonwood Palo Verde Beat the Pro/Super

October 5 to October 18, Driving Range closed

October 12 to November 2, Cottonwood closed