Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association news

Results of recent events:

Presidents Cup, February 10 – March 12, 2018:

Dennis Chenier: Champion

Member Guest, March 17-18, 2018:

First Flight: 1st David and Chris Reap, 2nd Tom Kastelitz and Bill Chupp

Second Flight: 1st Larry Frink and Dave Kuschel, 2nd Bill Moore and Jim Nedry

Third Flight: 1st Bob Robinson and Jack Donasky, 2nd Michael Moore and Chris Combe

Fourth Flight: 1st Tom Gartner and Ron Cox, 2nd Jerry Johnston and Rick Roundy

Fifth Flight: 1st Tom Rhea and Arnie Pinsly, 2nd Earl Whiteman and Buster Crook

2-Man Select A Drive, March 4, 2018:

First Flight: 1st Michael Moore and Tom Baker, 2nd Paul Brauer and John Stromstad

Second Flight: 1st Marcus Steinhaeusser and Stan Gross, 2nd William Moore and Don Klein

Third Flight: 1st William Greer and Brad Reis, 2nd Tim Lamb and Garrett Bertsch

Fourth Flight: 1st Terence Cronin and Ray Osborne, 2nd Earl Whiteman and Philip Lucas

Ace of Aces Qualifier, March 31, 2018:

First Flight: 1st Paul Brauer, Bob Tomsett, Bruce Beelman, Marcus Steinhausser

Second Flight: 1st Gary Hunnel, 2nd Fred Smith

Third Flight: 1st Larry Mullins, 2nd Rick Gaube

Fourth Flight: 1st Hank Clausen, 2nd William Hartnett

Fifth Flight: 1st Jim Miller, Dan Paxton

Sixth Flight: 1st Dick Johnson, 2nd Timothy Fettis

Quota Points, April 7, 2018:

First Flight: 1st William Moore, 2nd Jack Goyer

Second Flight: 1st John Ladd, 2nd Rick Gaube

Third Flight: 1st Richard Glashan, 2nd Thomas Rhea

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