Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association November Activities

Buddy Meola

October saw a great job by the grounds crew of Cottonwood Golf Course in the annual overseeding of the fairways and greens. On Nov. 6 the first Ace of Aces qualifier for the 2022 tournament was played. The Low Gross and Low Net scores from each flight will qualify for the Ace of Aces tournament to be played in early 2023.

First Flight: Low Gross Jay Mays, Low Net Steven Bennett; Second Flight: Low Gross Steven Steinhilber, Low Net Tim Healy; Third Flight: Low Gross Buddy Meola, Low Net Duane Peyton; Fourth Flight: Low Gross David Spencer, Low Net Scott Johnson

A Home and Home event was played against Sun Lakes Country Club. The competing teams played Sun Lakes Golf Course on Nov. 11 and Cottonwood Golf Course on Nov. 13. A two-man team from Sun Lakes played a two-man team from Cottonwood. The teams from Sun Lakes took a commanding 34-16 lead on day one, but the Cottonwood teams played very well on their home course, and with a 47-18 score, the Cottonwood men’s group pulled out a 63-52 victory. All competitors enjoyed lunch after the round, hosted by the home men’s group.

On Nov. 20 an ABCD Cha Cha Cha event was played. The teams are selected by the Pro Shop, with each team consisting of an A, B, C, and D player based on handicaps. The Cha Cha Cha consists of one net score used on the first hole, two net scores on the second hole, and three net scores on the third hole. This rotation continues through the 18 holes played.

First-Place Team: Larry Frink, Brian Ironside, Bob Schaedle, Ralph Casale

Second-Place Team: Jack Goyer, Steven Steinhilber, Garrett Bertsch, Robert Fish

Third-Place Team: Mark Lynn, Michael Kopacz, Jim Fergal, Tim Fettis

The Nov. 27 event was a pick your partner, two-man team, 2 net score competition. The teams were flighted by the teams’ total handicap.

First Flight: First-Place Team: Garrett Bertsch and Pat Conry, Second-Place Team: Buddy Meola and Jim Fergal; Second Flight: First-Place Team: Scott Rogers and Dennis Chenier, Second-Place Team: James Grube and Jim Rumpler; Third Flight: First-Place Team: Bob Schaedle and Jack Hopkins, Second-Place Team: Steve Saturno and Kevin Gillespie; Fourth Flight: First-Place Team: Tim Fettis and Terence Cronin, Second-Place Team: Richard Johnson and Don Bartolo

December will have a Home and Home event with Leisure World, an Ace of Aces qualifier, and an ABCD assigned hole competition.

A newly designed website was launched for the Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association. Here is the link for those who would like to view it: