Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association September and October Activities

Buddy Meola

Sept. 2 was the monthly Ace of Aces qualifier. The low gross and low net players’ score qualify for the tournament to be played in December.

Blue Flight: Low Gross Steven Bennett, Low Net Jim Rumpler

White Flight 1: Low Gross Tony Phillips, Low Net Ron Vail

White Flight 2: Low Gross Stan Gross, Low Net Pat Hawkins

Green Flight: Low Gross Tim Schaetz, Low Net Ron Hance

The very challenging Pick Your Partner with an alternate shot format was played on Sept. 9. It was flighted by the team’s total handicap with 15 Blue Tee teams and 12 White Tee teams. There were prizes for both low gross and low net total scores.

Blue Tee: Low Gross Team: Ed New and Bob Kish, Low Net Team: Pat Conry and Michael Moore

White Tee: Low Gross Team: Don Klein and Ron Sarnicki

On Sept. 16 a flighted individual Low Gross/Low Net competition was held. It also included a Lowest Total Putts challenge in each flight.

Blue Flight: Low Gross Jim Fall, Low Net Robert Mifflin, Lowest Total Putts: Martin Oerter

White Flight 1: Low Gross Jim Curran, Low Net Mark Lynne, Lowest Total Putts Don Cerimeli

White Flight 2: Low Gross Mike Kopacz, Low Net Bill Score, Lowest Total Putts (tie) Terry Cronin and Craig Christiansen

Green Flight: Low Gross Tim Schaetz, Low Net Scott Johnson, Lowest Total Putts Robert Schrote

On Sept. 23 an ABCD Select a Drive team event was played with a three drive minimum per player. Fourteen four-man teams competed with Low Gross and Low Net winners.

Low Gross Team: Jason Burger, Sam Selby, Dave Marcus, Herbye White

Low Net Team: Lowell Hargrove, Tim Healy, Bob Schaedel, Robert Schrote

Sept. 30 was a flighted Individual Low Gross/Low Net competition.

Flight A: Low Gross Steve Lowe, Low Net David Reap

Flight B: Low Gross Sam Selby, Low Net William Moore

Flight C: Low Gross Kevin Gillespie, Low Net Bill Score

Flight D: Low Gross Scott Johnson, Low Net Robert Schrote

Due to overseeding of both Palo Verde and Cottonwood, there was limited play for the CMGA. A Beat the Pro/Supervisor team competition was held on Oct. 7 at Cottonwood and Oct. 28 at Palo Verde. Both events were enjoyed by all participants, with refreshments and pizza.