Cottonwood Men’s Tennis—Summer League 2020

The Men's Summer League at Cottonwood practices social distancing.

The Men’s Summer League at Cottonwood practices social distancing.

Penny Petersen

The bravest guys in the Cottonwood Tennis Club are those participating in the Thursday Summer League. While most other players are leaving for their summer homes or traveling to get away from the heat, these guys play all summer long at 8:30 a.m. on Thursdays. Temperatures are often above 90 degrees by the time they finish.

According to League Director Spencer Roberts, they have more guys participating this year than ever before. “It’s probably because of the coronavirus,” said Roberts. “People are staying here rather than traveling or going to other residences. They are stuck here, so they may as well play. There’s not much else to do. We’ve had 45 players sign up and play so far this session. That’s about 10 more than previous years.” The league began this year in March and will run through September, the longest duration of any leagues.

The best part for the guys is that they don’t have to be there every week to play. According to Roberts, the summer league is great because the guys are really dedicated to playing, and he’s able to use a computer software program that helps track all the player scores and statistics. That allows him to update the standings and make court assignments weekly.

Roberts is thankful that Cottonwood is allowing tennis to continue. “Many clubs have closed down both tennis and pickleball as well as pools and restaurants,” said Roberts. “Our players use hand sanitizer during play and are conscious to maintain social distance at all times. And we only use tennis balls for one match.”

So, if you are bored and don’t mind a little heat, check them out: Thursday mornings at 8:30 a.m. They’re fun to watch.

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