Stay Safe—Stay Healthy—Stay Focused

Harry Huckemeyer

I thought that following our last entry in May’s Robson publications, it would be best to just cancel any future articles until things become more relaxed and, hopefully, under control. Like many, I am pretty active with several clubs, and it seems like our lives have almost come to a standstill in that regard. In most cases, the clubs and, of course, all the things we all tend to enjoy have been put “On Hold Until Further Notice,” and rightly so, for the safety of all, in attempts at minimizing the danger that this virus has already created all over the world. It’s well past its second month now, and it’s still unclear how long this may continue.

I thought I would outsmart everybody and find a nice spot up on a hill at the Paseo Trail Recreation Area off McQueen for a nice view of the recent fly by—big mistake, as hundreds of others had the same thing in mind, and getting in and out was one big multi car/truck traffic jam. But it was well worth the effort. Many thanks go out to those out of Luke Air Force Base, the Arizona Air National Guard, and any others who were involved, including the local media that made this all possible in recognition of all those who go out daily to do what they do best. This includes all the medical services that are being attended to by professionals in all areas and all the others who continue to do what they do best to keep our streets safe and all the other daily governmental needs under control. It was really nice to see so many take the time out to catch a short glimpse of the 15 or so planes that took part in this historical “fly by” moment in recognition of all those who are at risk, daily performing all the necessary activities they all do to keep things at present as safe as possible.

Regarding our Short Line Model Railroad Club, we’re closed down, just like all the other clubs in the area. Our membership is pretty well scattered these days, so we can, and do, keep in touch mainly by email. We do miss our meetings, the workshops, and weekly luncheons, as well as the events on the road that we had to cancel, as our goal at these events has always been to try to attract crowds that had similar interests as ours. If any of you are looking for a change of pace, plus an opportunity to work with some members who have hundreds of years total experience in the world of model railroading, please feel free to give me a call at 480-802-4975, or better yet, send me an email at [email protected] I may have some suggestions and may possibly be able to provide some help for those who truly may have an interest. Although trains are key to us, we also do have a few social activities in the planning each year where spouses and others are always welcome, and a good time is had by all.

Have a Great Day—Stay Home—Stay Safe—Stay Healthy.