Cottonwood Mixed Doubles Tournament Winners Announced

Red Division: Cindy McCarville and Sid Porter, Runners Up; Barb Jorgensen and William Jenack, Champions

Green Division: Jeff Villareal and Susan Aparicio, Runners Up; Linda Dirksmeyer and Maurice Allen, Champions

Blue Division: Garnet Jones and Pat McRoberts, Runners Up; Garnet Jones and Tina Carr, Champions

Penny Petersen

Tournament Director Jay Ketter announced the winners of the Mixed Doubles Tournament after a week of competition. The tournament began Sunday, Feb. 6, and play was completed on Saturday, Feb. 12. The Championship games were in three categories (Blue, Green, and Red). Red is the highest ability level, and Blue is the lowest. We are reporting in the order that they played. The first match began at 9 a.m., and the last was scheduled at noon. Following the competition, there was a big luncheon provided by The Battery Doctor.

“It was good competition,” said Ketter. “Two of the three finals were decided in tie breakers.”

The winners were as follows:

Blue Division:

Champions: Bill Triquart and Tina Carr

Runners Up: Garnet Jones and Pat McRoberts

Third Place: Carl Day and Bonnie DeGrenier

Green Division:

Champions: Linda Dirksmeyer and Maurice Allen

Runners Up: Susan Aparicio and Jeff Villareal

Third Place: Julie Evans and Terry Braun

Red Division:

Champions: Barb Jorgensen and William Jenack

Runners Up: Sid Porter and Cindy McCarville

Third Place: Judy Grefsheim and Ron Ryer

Attendance was good and included family and friends as well as other competitors.

The next event was the Can/Am social between Canadian Players and American Players on March 12. It is always a colorful event, as each country wears its own colors and the National Anthems of both countries are performed with gusto. It’s fun to watch, even if you are not a tennis player.

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