Cottonwood Rainbow Classic Tournament Draws Many Players

Bonnie DeGrenier, Jack Veit, Jerry Higgins, and Sandy Casale

Ollie Johnson, Tom Wills, Terry Braun, and Toni Reider

Pat McRoberts, Barb Jorgensen, Neda Mead, and Susan Aparicio

Cannon Hill, Bill Gosiak, Maurice Allen, and Jeff Donald

Penny Petersen

The Rainbow Classic, the first and most colorful tournament of the season, was held Friday, Oct. 22, and Saturday, Oct. 23. Players signed up for Gender Doubles or Mixed Doubles or both. They were assigned to one of four teams: Yellow, Orange, Purple, or Pink. That’s where the “colorful” comes in. Players are urged to wear shirts or “costumes” the color of their team. It’s always interesting to see them arrive in their colorful attire.

Yellow Team: Spencer Roberts, Kathy Moore, Gwen Lucas, Kim Vargas, Ken Griffin, Bonnie DeGrenier, Sid Porter, Jim Brown, Julie Evans, Dick Kane, Dolores Mahaffey, and Jack Veit

Orange Team: Barb Jorgensen, Dorothy Thurman, Bill Gosiak, Don Peterson, Tony Horn, Kathy Sundsrud, Bobi McMannus, Susan Aparicio, Cannon Hill, and Jerzon Vargas

Purple Team: Jeff Donald, Toni Reider, Maurice Allen, Mary Ann Sinerius, Mary Ann Rice, Neda Mead, Randy McManus, Terry Braun, Sonda Giles, Mike Belair, and Jenette Curran

Pink Team: Sandy Casale, Dave Cain, Pat McRoberts, Ollie Johnson, Jerry Higgins, Tom Wills, Adriana Michael, Jim Dittman, Jerry Picker, Sandra LeBute Discoe, Felisa Kulba, and Laks Jagnandan

All games in the Mixed Doubles category were played on Friday, Oct. 22. The Gender Doubles games were played on Saturday, Oct 23.

Although it is called a “tournament,” the planning committee decided that there would be no “winners” and that the purpose was to allow people at different levels of play to compete with individuals at other levels. CTC divides players on four levels: Red (the highest), Green, Blue, and Silver (the lowest).

The tournament director was Jay Ketter who did all the pairings for the matches. He was assisted by Susan Aparicio, Kathy Moliter, and Pat McRoberts. Gwen Lucas was in charge of the food court.

For information regarding joining Cottonwood Tennis Club, contact Barb Jorgensen at [email protected].