Cottonwood Tennis Club Announces Spring Schedule

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, board meetings have been held at court 5 in Cottonwood. Pictured are Tennis Club officers (left to right): Jay Ketter (tournament director), Spencer Roberts (treasurer), Maryann Sinerius (vice president), Ollie Johnson (substituting for secretary), Cannon Hill (president), and Laks Jagnandan (past president).

Penny Petersen

In addition to daily play at the Cottonwood tennis courts, the following tournaments and socials are scheduled. All these events are for CTC members and the competing clubs only.

Jan. 9-15: Gender Doubles, open to CTC members only. Competition is at all levels of both male and female categories. So, get a partner and sign up at the level in which you compete. There are prizes for 1, 2, and 3 in all categories.

Jan. 23 is the CAN/AM Tournament. That’s when members from Canada compete against members from the USA. It’s colorful and fun and includes the national anthems of both countries. Players wear their country’s colors, and flags adorn the area. No matter who wins the most games, it’s fun for everyone and a colorful reminder of the traditions of both countries.

Feb. 6-12 is the Mixed Doubles Tournament. That means one man and one woman on each team. Pick a partner who plays at the same level you do and sign up. There will be matches at all levels and prizes for those placing 1, 2, and 3 in each level.

The last competition will be the East/West event. It pits those living east of Alma School Road against those living west of Alma School Road. The club will do anything to create friendly competition.

The following socials will also be played: On Feb. 19 Cottonwood teams will visit Sun Lakes Country Club, and on March 5 Trilogy will visit Cottonwood.

On March 26 the annual end-of-the-season picnic will take place at Sisk Park in Palo Verde. Lots of good food and entertainment will wrap up the competitive season.

Tennis will continue with sign-ups for Monday and a Monday league for women. Tuesdays will include sign-ups for men and a league. Wednesday will still have a women’s league in addition to sign-ups, and Friday Mixed Doubles extends into the summer months. Those who wish to participate must sign-up on the bulletin board.

The free tennis lessons will also continue through April. They take place on Monday night at 7 p.m. On Thursday night they also have a “drop in” court reserved for those in the Monday class.

For information regarding membership in Cottonwood Tennis Club, contact Barb Jorgensen at [email protected].