Cottonwood Tennis Club holds 1st big tournament of the year


Penny Petersen

After what seemed like a long holiday break, the Cottonwood Tennis Club held its first tournament of the year with Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles in four different ability levels. Cottonwood rates players according to skill level with Red being highest, then green, blue and black. A beginning level is orange, but that is not usually included in tournaments.

Winners of the Gender Doubles Tournament by color are as follows:

Men’s: Red Champions – Bruce Beelman/Bob Walk, Runners up – Bill Gosiak/Dave Cane; Green Champions – Bruce Brooks/George Hamilton, Runners up – Spencer Roberts/Dean Sinerius; Blue Champions – Dave Rokusek/Jack Veit, Runners up – Doug Page/Colin Campbell; Black Champions – Dennis Rix/Rod Johnson, Runners up – Ozzie Pedrera/Joe Fleming.

Women’s: Red Champions – Judy Grefsheim/Barb Jorgenson, Runners up – Sandy Casale/Ann Dugan; Green Champions – Kathy Moliter/Cindy McCarville, Runners up – Kathryn Campbell/Martine Blue; Blue Champions – Edith Tanniru/Dorothy Thurman, Runners up – Dorothea Flachsman/Donna Nelson; Black Champions – Gwyn Allen/Denise Peterson, Runners up – Marna Brooks/Roseann Soczka.

The next major tournament will be the Cottonwood Mixed Doubles from February 12 to 17.