SLPCC holds “Ring in the New Year” Social


Peggy Martin

The Sun Lakes Pickleball Club Cottonwood (SLPCC) held its first social event of 2018 on Tuesday, January 16, with the “Ring in the New Year” pickleball social. Twenty players from each of the four rating groups played in a round robin tournament. The four rating groups playing were 1.5/2.0 rated players all the way up to the 3.5 rated players and up.

Round robin tournament format means that each player in their rating group plays with every other player in their group. Points per player were totaled for each game, and extra points were awarded for great New Year’s attire like top hats, New Year babies, silly glasses, crowns, boas and just great fun dress-up clothes! You should have been there to see the creative SLPCC New Year’s style dressing!

The winners of the social in the four rating groups… that is, the 2018 New Year’s Pickles… were Stan Kopp, 1.5/2.0; Felix Petrillo, 2.5; Marv Brownell, 3.0; and Ed Frees, 3.5. Best-dressed New Year’s awards went to Bob Thomas, Charlotte Nichol, Marv Brownell, Howard Weiner and Becky Fewell. Congratulations to all of our 2018 Pickles!

Of course, no SLPCC social event is held without great food and drink, and each member had their fill! The club and all 80 New Year Social players want to thank the Events Elves for a terrific food and drink table! Many of the items were homemade, so they were extra special and extra good.

Be sure and look for the next SLPCC social event. Coming Tuesday, February 20, 2018, the very first Gherkin CanAm! That’s American players vs. Canadian players. You can be sure it will be fun, fun, fun!