Cottonwood Tennis Court report

Everyone enjoyed the extended spring league!

Everyone enjoyed the extended spring league!

Susie Dunn, Coordinator

May 16 officially ended our annual extended spring league with several awards given and light snacks provided after our 8:30 a.m. matches. The pleasant April and May weather cooperated this year with no temperatures reaching over 90 degrees during our eight weeks of play. This was very unusual and we were all very happy about the delightful weather for our spring season.

Our league consisted of five courts of top notch players with strong competitive games. Our format was a round robin set up where each player switches players after each set. Rather than having teams like the fall and spring leagues, this league’s considered our fun league; players chalk up points on their own and the top winnrs are those that have reached the highest score plus winning the most sets.

Third place winner was Kim Schmuck, a fairly new player to our club; our second place winner was Sandra LaBute who overcame knee surgery; and our first place winner was our German redhead, Karin Herrmann. Congratulations to all.

Neda Mead, Sherrie Butler and Kathy Moliter were also high contenders along with Toni Reider who was the most improved player for the season.

Twelve of our regular players headed north for the summer after our awards ceremony, but the remaining few continued to play through May and into June. There was a unanimous vote to continue this league again for the following year.

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