Cottonwood Tennis Gender Doubles, the First Day

Men’s Blue: Rick Kendall, Steve Norvet, Al Wagner, Bob Walk

Women’s Red: Barb Jorgensen, Julia Romanin, Cindy McCarville, Kathy Moliter

Penny Petersen

Cottonwood Tennis Club’s Gender Doubles Tournament began Jan. 9. The finals were on Jan. 14. Because the Splash deadline for February is Jan. 10, you will see results for day one only. Winners in each category will be reported for the March issue. The categories are Red, Green, and Blue. That’s six results: Red men, Red women, Green men, Green women and Blue men and Blue women.

The tournament is set up in a round robin format. There are four teams in each of the round robins. That means each team plays three times. After that, the teams with the most wins play each other for the Championship. The third and fourth teams play each other for third place.

In the women’s Red category, Martine Blue and Maryann Sinerius defeated Mary Braton and Jenette Curran. Barb Jorgensen and Julia Romanin defeated Cindy McCarville and Kathy Moliter.

In the men’s Red group, Mike Jaltuch and William Jenak defeated Bruce Brooks and Jeffrey Donald. Rick Kendall and Steven Norvet defeated Bob Walk and Al Wagner. Scott Nichols and Jeffery Villareal defeated Bill Bailey and Barrie Mowers. Ronald Ryer and Allan Wellard defeated Dave Cain and Art McMillan.

In the women’s Green group, Luana Capponi and Mary Park defeated Tina Carr and Pat McRoberts. Susan Aparicio and Linda Dirksmeyer defeated Cindy Cloke and Julie Evans.

In the men’s Green group, Bob Bell and Michael Zeman defeated Ernest Soczka and Don Peterson. Lorne Cloke and Mike Gallant defeated Garnet Jones and Doug Page. Paul Homan and David Sobeck defeated Harvey Brooks and Spencer Roberts. Maurice Allen and Terry Braun defeated Jay Ketter and Dave Rokusek.

In the women’s Blue group, Barbara Ludwig and Carol Trentadue defeated Bonnie Degrenier and Denise Peterson. In the men’s Blue group, Jerry Higgins and Jerzon Vargas defeated Tony Horn and Dick Kane. Duane Ticknor and Bill Triquart defeated Carl Day and Horst Flachsmann.

The tournament will continue until Jan. 14. Look for the winners in the March issue of the Splash. For information regarding joining the Cottonwood Tennis Club, contact Susan Hood at [email protected]