Cottonwood Thursday Men’s League players thrive on competition


Penny Petersen

Some people say they’re crazy. Others say they’re stuck here for whatever reason and have no alternative. Actually, they are both. They are nutty about tennis and will play under any circumstances, no matter what. Who are we talking about? The Men’s Thursday Summer League players, a daunting group that gathers at 8:30 a.m. every Thursday morning.

The league begins April 1 (not too hot then) and continues throughout the summer (miserably hot) and ends November 1 (tolerable once again). It encompasses 26 weeks, but players don’t have to play every week. About 46 men play at some time during the 26 weeks. About 20 to 24 guys play all summer long. That’s the daunting group. Each player must sign up each week if they wish to play. There’s no commitment for a minimum number of weeks. Players can go on vacations or travel during the total timeframe and then sign up when they return.

Players’ scores are recorded each week, and the players’ court assignments are based on their winning percentage weekly. Players can move up or down in the standings depending on how they play. Usually, players are grouped with comparable opponents. At the end of the session, the person in each color group (Red, Green or Blue) with the highest winning percentage is recognized.

Play is “no-add,” and each player plays eight games with the other players assigned to that court. It’s very similar to a “Round Robin.”

Spencer Roberts leads this dedicated crew. He checks to see who signs up to play, then assigns four guys who play at a similar level to each court. Players keep track of their own scores and turn in a score sheet each week. That’s a lot of work for someone who is supposed to be retired and on summer break.

For information regarding membership in Cottonwood Tennis Club, contact Barb Jorgensen at [email protected]