Creative Energy

Catharina Cupples

Creative Life Force Energy both fills and surrounds us and is especially evident in spring.

I think of Creative Life Force as both masculine and feminine – Divine Power and Divine Unconditional Love, working in unison, following Divine Blueprint of Creation. As Reiki energy flows through my hands, I am simply allowing that Creative Life Force to come through me, for the highest good for the person I am working with.

I do not try to tell It what to do or where to go. I know, with absolute certainty, there is a Wisdom far beyond my own human understanding that is in charge of the healing process. I put my trust in that which created both me and the client I’m working with.

Reiki has been a practice for me to expand my faith – to experience creative energy in unexpected and profound ways – to deepen my awareness of that which is greater than myself.

I invite you to experience Reiki healing/balancing energy in the Reiki Circle, which meets every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. in Room A2 of the Cottonwood Courtyard. There is no fee. Everyone is welcome. We begin with meditation, followed by a short Reiki treatment offered by Reiki practitioners.

You can learn how to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others. Training classes are given by Reiki Masters Catharina Cupples, 480-883-7747, and Lois Valleau, 480-883-6699. Reiki Level I Training offers the history of Reiki, understanding the Reiki principles and power of intention, learning the hand positions for giving Reiki to yourself and others, discovering many ways to apply Reiki energy for highest good for oneself and others. You will have time to practice and will receive a student notebook to assist in reviewing what you have learned.

The benefits of Reiki, which is a profoundly healing and balancing energy, include reducing or eliminating pain, release of toxins from the body, promotes deep mental-emotional-physical relaxation, enhances inner sense of well-being. Lois and I look forward to meeting you.