Crystal Cards Introduces Home Delivery

Crystal Cards delivered to your front door

Crystal Cards delivered to your front door

Bobbie Reed

Crystal Cards can deliver an assortment of greeting cards to your Sun Lakes home. You can choose the ones you want and return the rest.

This new service is in response to those whose message is, “I really miss you” and “I would love to get more cards for my friends and family.”

The money raised by this project is donated to My Sister’s Place, a shelter for victims of domestic violence. Sadly, during the past several months, a time when families have been forced to shelter in place, domestic violence has increased. Support for victims is needed more than ever. We encourage you to consider this socially-distanced way of helping those who need our help.

Home delivery works like this:

1. You send an email to us at [email protected] that includes:

* Your name,

* Your Sun Lakes home address,

* Your phone number, and

* The basic kinds of cards you want (get well, birthday, thinking of you, anniversary, sympathy, etc.).

2. A volunteer will call, confirm details of what you want, and arrange to deliver an assortment for you to choose from.

3. You look through the card assortment at your convenience and pick the ones you want.

4. You place payment for the cards you have chosen in the box, along with the cards to be returned. (Cards are $1 each. You can pay with cash or by check made out to The Crystal Card Project.)

5. Call the volunteer to arrange for pickup. The phone number will be in the box with the cards when they arrive.

Our volunteers have been busy over the past months making new cards at home, so we have a wonderful selection.

We look forward to a return to more usual activities sometime in the future. However, we will not reschedule public sales or group work sessions until it is safe for all concerned.