CTC Wednesday Women’s League Announces Winners

Center: Marie Hargus, league director; from left in semi-circle: Donna Nelson, first place; Mary Ann Rice, second place; Pat McRoberts, third place; Dorothea Flachsmann, fourth place; and Becky Paschal-Snyder, fifth place

Cottonwood Tennis Club’s Wednesday League completed their spring and summer competitions and announced the winners. There will be no leagues again until fall. There was a luncheon after the finals, and the group gave a gift to retiring league director Marie Hargus.

Winners: First place Donna Nelson, second place Mary Ann Rice, third place Pat McRoberts, fourth place Dorothea Flachsmann, fifth place Becky Paschal-Snyder. All the women pledged to return to the league in the fall.

In addition to the benefits of tennis play, it is also a great way to make friends and have a social life as well. The Wednesday league is for newcomers to tennis, as well as those who play at intermediate levels. Stop by and see the group on Wednesday mornings in the fall.

For information regarding membership in Cottonwood Tennis Club, contact Susan Hood at [email protected].