CTC winners – Mixed Doubles


Penny Petersen

In the 2018 Mixed Doubles Tournament at Cottonwood, there were cancellations due to rain, an enormous number of tie-breakers and scores of spectators, despite the cold conditions. The top three teams in each of three ability levels were as follows. Red level is highest, followed by green and blue.

Red: 1. Barb Jorgensen/Bill Gosiak, 2. Sandy Casale/David Cain, 3. Rae and Bob Lewis

Green: 1. Sylvia Page/Spencer Roberts, 2. Kathy Moliter/Jeff Donald, 3. Karin Herrmann/Maurice Allen

Blue: 1. Gwen Lucas/Harvey Brooks, 2. Mary Ann Rice/Doug Page, 3. Dian Bromely/Jay Ketter

The awards ceremony recognized the only Black team to enter, Karen Bandolin and Jim Sutherland.

The tournament director also took time to thank his assistants, Bruce Garman, Kathy Moliter, Mary Ann Rice, Edith Tanniru and Adrianna Michael. The food court committee was headed by Sandy Casale and included Ann Dugan, Barb Jorgensen and Nadine Sutter.

The Mixed Doubles was the last major tournament of the 2017-2018 season, but three Socials remain, as well as the CTC picnic on March 25.