DAR celebrates Washington’s birthday, African – American History and Women


Toni Bolling Lutter

In keeping with its mission of historic preservation, Gila Butte Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) salutes historic events at every meeting through its Commemorative Events Committee. In acknowledgement of its work, the chapter holds the 2017 Arizona DAR certificate “Excellent Service for Commemorative Events.”

This season, Gila Butte has commemorated the 100th Anniversary of World War I, along with significant events connected to that war. In January, the chapter considered the link between WWI and passage of the 19th Amendment, which empowered American women with voting rights. In February, the chapter observed African-American History month with the inspiring battle story of Henry Johnson, a WWI African-American soldier whose heroism earned him a posthumous Medal of Honor.

Also in February, Gila Butte celebrated Washington’s Birthday, when “Martha Washington” paid a visit to the chapter, bringing pies baked from the cherries spared by George’s hatchet. In March – Women’s History Month – the program was “Women’s Suffrage,” given by DAR’s Vice President General Stephanie Troth.

DAR’s Commemorative Events Committee encourages chapters to celebrate American history through recognition of the events which have molded our communities and our nation. DAR chooses to remember our history through education which explores cause and effect, and through memorializing the events which define us as a civilization.

Gila Butte DAR meets in Sun Lakes and welcomes new members. Those eligible are women over 18 who can prove bloodline descent – without regard to ethnic origin, race or religion – from a Patriot of the American Revolution. Eligible women interested in celebrating America are urged to seek membership in DAR by calling 480-802-6993 or by accessing the chapter website gilabutte.arizonadar.org.